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Enhancing Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development (EYES) Project - UNDP


We were sub-contracted by The Entrepreneurs Network to deliver training and advisory services support to youth entrepreneurs involved in the UNDP EYES Project. In 2019, we designed and delivered the training program provided to 90 youth entrepreneurs in Lesotho over a period of three weeks. In 2020, we delivered training programs focused on business and financial management. Furthermore we provided advisory services and business coaching to these youth entrepreneurs for a period of six months.

FNB Lesotho Covid Relief Project


We were sub-contracted by The Entrepreneurs' Network to deliver training for the finalists of the FNB Lesotho Covid Relief project as well as to provide business advisory services support for 13 businesses over a period of three months.

Standard Lesotho Bank Women Entrepreneurship Program

SLB - Blank v1 - Augt 2021-01.jpg

We have been assigned as the implementation partners of the Standard Lesotho Bank Women Entrepreneurship program named, Khalala. The project is ongoing.

Inspire Business Coaching and Training Program


In 2019, we coached, supported and trained 15 businesses over a period of ten months. We covered topics such as sales, marketing, operations management, financial management. Some of the businesses involved went on to win funds in competitions such as the Bacha Entrepreneurship Project, and some grew their revenues and staff complement.

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